Garbage night

Last night we got back late, and realised we had to take out the recycling bins.  Jono took two and I took one.  We had a torch as it was no longer the nearly full moon that the picture shows. ( That by the way was taken on the nearly full moon night about a week ago ).  We crept along lifting the bins up along the first part, because we have people in the gite, and didn’t want to wake them up. Then we put them up and dragged them along. It makes quite a rumbling racket.  We heard some other rumbling.  And a little light in the distance.  By the time we got to the big lime tree under which we all put our bins, there were four of our other neighbours - all had had the idea to come out at exactly the same time, torch in hand.  It was quite a funny little social gathering as we looked up at the stars and exchanged our days stories. Francois is hosting the clay sculpture workshop that he hosts every year, and he was very happy with his students work. He will be firing up the kiln on Saturday. The other two people had a nice bit of news for us too, and we were delighted but I can’t tell you as its their news and I don’t suppose I should just share it.  I have never taken out a bin on such a beautiful starry night and felt so lucky to have such lovely people in our lives. 

In other news, I saw Gainsbourg looking at something on the ‘area formely known as grass’.  It seemed bigger than a mouse, so I went to look and pulled a velvety mole from under the brush. Before he got his paws onto it. I took it inside, and put it into a deep bucket, and gave it some water. The mole drank immediately, insistently and loudly.

I had to give it water three times until it was satisfied.  Now where do you put out a mole when the ground everywhere is rock hard due to the dryness ?  I went down the ‘Allee’ and plopped him into a deep ivy patch in the shade of a tree. At least he was hidden, and I think he will find a patch to bury into. He disappeared swiftly. If you do look at the video - the sound of him drinking is really too sweet. 

We are worried about the birds not having enough to eat, as there seem to be fewer insects, now that there is no water. There are swallows in the barn, and their three babies sit on the barn door, waiting for food. the parents do seem to be coming back to them with something…..   I have neighbours who are putting out food, exceptionally, in summer. It is gone in record time. The European bee eaters are circling above the orchard and I saw one quite close by, sitting on a wire. Rather beautiful colourful birds with long curved beaks.   The barn owl which nests in the tower opposite our bedroom has obviously had young, as their raspy calls were loud and insistant, calling out for food. We could hear two of them, competing with each other. Then one night, after the hottest day, we heard none. I was really worried that they may not have managed the heat as they are under the roof. But then two days later I heard one again. I think it was because they had learnt to fly and were now out on their first hunting trips with their parents. 

We met our neighbouring farmer as we returned today, and stopped for a chat. We asked what he thought about the weather. He said he has a pine cone and looks at that. Its wide open at the moment, meaning dry, hot and no rain. I think I have to get myself a pine cone.


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