Domaine de la Salle - the story

Domaine de la Salle, is an old cognac estate, often referred to locally as 'Le Chateau' or just 'La Salle'.


We bought the La Salle in 2016 and since then it has been brought back to its original beauty, using only natural materials and traditional methods.

In documents it is referred to either as a chateau or a domaine. We use Domaine de la Salle to avoid confusion with the similar’Chateau de Lassalle nearby. 

The front part was built in 1826 by 'Jean Baptiste Joachim Clemot', who was a celebrated surgeon in Napoleons navy.

Buildings in the courtyards go back to the 17th century, but we know that La Salle was inhabited since the neolithic period.


We are following our dream of creating an organic farm that will produce fruit and ancient varieties of grain, and also of providing a haven for biodiversity.

Our Gite

We have a two bedroom ‘gite’ to rent. It is not a hotel, and you would see the working life of ordinary people, working towards a living organic Chateau-Farm.

The rooms are decorated in French style, and we consider them luxury, with the fine linen sheets, antique furniture and stylish bathrooms. We also host weekends with interesting activities from sourdough bread making to sewing beautiful heirloom dolls from antique linens.

‘Open Weekends’

We have the occasional ‘open weekends’, where we open the doors and you can spend the weekend here either sewing, or just enjoying a weekend discovering local foods and culture.

Sewing weekends

These usually start with dinner on the Thursday evening, followed by Saturday and Sunday of sewing in the atelier, interspersed with visits to the amazing food market in Rochefort on Saturday morning, and a brocante on Sunday morning.
All meals are included except a simple cafe lunch on Saturday, and departure is on Monday morning after breakfast.
Travel to and from Domaine de la Salle is not included.
Approximate cost: 750 euros per person.

Open weekends

These are rather more leisurely weekends where you will just enjoy seeing how we live here for a weekend. Arrival Thursday in time for dinner, departure Monday after breakfast. We will take in the food market in Rochefort, try some fresh seafood, go for a walk on the cote sauvage, visit Saintes and just enjoy being here.
All food and drinks included with the stay.
Transport to and from the Chateau not included.
Approximate cost per person: 750 per weekend.

For any of the above, please do get in touch with us via the form below, or sending me an email.


Domaine de la Salle is in the Charente Maritime area, close to the coast and in the area where the french love to holiday.

It is traditional, charming and rustic. 'La Salle' is really hidden away in its own forest and fields. Beaches are half an hour to 45 minutes away, depending on what sort of beach you want. There is so much to do - please see the 'what to do' section below. If you want to do absolutely nothing, and get away from everything, this is a very peaceful tranquil corner, although we do have birdsong. We speak English, French, German and Portuguese.

  • You know that feeling, when all seems good and you are totally at peace ?

    This is the spot.

Rooms for open weekends

Here are the rooms to choose from, for the open weekends.


Weekends If you are a student on a gap year and want to muck in, let us know, as there are always opportunities.

‘Open’ Weekends

From joining in to making sourdough bread in the old bread oven, to sewing in the lovely attic  


Things to do in this area :

The Charente Maritime has a varied coastline, with beautiful beaches, fishing towns and fabulous fresh sea-food restaurants ( Its famous for its oysters ).  The 'Marais' are former marshlands, now criss-crossed with small canals, and are wonderful to cycle or canoe through and see

Escape to the Chateau

Escape to the Chateau DIY Domaine de la Salle was filmed in summer 2018 right from the moment we arrived from an overnight flight and a 6 hour drive with our three cats and 6 suitcases in tow.  The film crew popped in every now and then to see what projects we were working on. It was fun

Getting here :

Airports : La Rochelle airport is 45 minutes by car. Flights mainly in summer but a few in winter.  Bordeaux: This airport is the other side of bordeaux so it takes from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic.  Poitiers: We have never tried this airport as it never seems to

For bookings, please send us an email below.

We take bookings for holidays in the self catering gite, bed and breakfast rooms and weekend workshops. For any inquiries, please email us using the box below. Many thanks, Jono and Mariam

Gîte à louer

Nous avons un gîte à louer à la semaine.