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The shady potager

Well I am mightily grateful for having a half shady potager. Its true that I may not be able to grow aubergines and peppers but we have planted lots of berries, and beans.

No rain in sight

So the rain dances have not worked. The weather forecast shows no rain for the forseeable future.

Un violin sur le Sable

We have a lull in visitors, having said good bye to the last one this morning.

Le bouchon de Pons

Its been the usual crazy summer business, and I can’t believe this was a week ago. Before the north to south motorway of the A10 was built, there were always known spots where there were huge traffic jams on the annual holiday drive down to the south.


 I will categorize this summer as : keeping things alive despite the heat. That includes my chickens and gite guests.

Amateur dramatics at the abbey

Last week we gathered some of the neighbours and all went down to Montierneuf, to watch a ‘spectacle’ - which I can only translate as a show.

Buckwheat flowers

I had not seen buckwheat flowers before, but Monty has drilled a dual crop of buckwheat and millet in the big bottom field. And now the buckwheat is all in flower.

Aubert and Capucine

I am working on the La Salle hares which will be what we make at the first workshop in September. It looks as if they will be called Aubert and Capucine.

A french heat-wave

We have been upgraded to an ‘alert’ rouge. Red alert for I am not sure exactly what reason, but this ‘canicule’ that we are in, has been quite exhausting. The high today was to be 39 if I remember rightly, and tomorrow is to be 40 degrees.

Watermelon for Chickens

This is a chicken drama post so hope its not too boring. I think it would be boring to go on about this heatwave because everyone is in it I think.


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