‘Open’ Weekends

From joining in to making sourdough bread in the old bread oven, to sewing in the lovely attic  atelier, or wine tasting foodie weekends.... Enjoy staying in lovely surroundings, get spoilt by having all your meals cooked for you, teas, afternoon cakes and evening cocktail, and on top of it, do something new and get involved.

The sewing weekends are held in the atelier on the second floor where you have the luxury of sitting calmly, just sewing and playing around with linens and laces. The sourdough weekend involves getting your hands sticky at times, and the pleasure of making and eating the fresh crusty breads that you will have made in the old restored bread oven in the 'pigeonnier.' 

And sometimes we just have an ‘open weekend’ with no activities except just being here. We don’t do bed and breakfast anymore, so this is an opportunity to come and experience the french country life style. We usually fit in a typical French Market, and perhaps a brocante for those who want, or perhaps a walk on the beach. 


Please contact to us to find out what open weekends we have coming up.