Rooms for open weekends

Here are the rooms to choose from, for the open weekends.

Liaisons dangereuses

One medium sized double bedroom in French style. This room is only ever used if its in conjunction with the ‘cafe au lait’ bedroom, for example for family, as it uses the same bathroom as the cafe au lait. . 

La petite Souris

A double bedroom with its own bathroom Decorated in 1930's vintage style, although its smaller, we love this room with its view over the south courtyard and fields. Own small bathroom. Bed is 140 wide x 190 long. This room is above the south entrance, so if you are a light sleeper and want a lie in, you may hear people coming in and out through the old floorboards.

Madame Bovary

A double bedroom on the second floor of the main house with beautiful beams and a lovely view to the front.  (Sharing the bathroom and separate loo with 'Le temps perdu',)  To get to this room, you have to climb an unusual flight of stairs that would be tricky for someone very elderly or with balancing problems. 

*the bed is only 130 wide and 190 long as it is an antique bed.

Le Temps Perdu

On the second floor of the main house, this corner room has two single beds (90 x 190), beautiful beams, lovely views to the front and the south courtyard. It is probably our favourite room in the house ! Sharing bathroom with Madame Bovary ( not literally of course ) To get to this room you need to climb a small unusual flight of stairs so if you are quite elderly or have bad balance, you may find it tricky.

Cafe au lait

One double bedroom with ensuite bathroom. First Floor on the corner of the house with lovely high ceilings and nice views.

Le Petit Prince

A very large double bedroom facing the south courtyard with its own bathroom. One large double bed ( 160 x 200cm ) and a single bed ( 120 x 190cm) Own small bathroom. * This room is not great for light sleepers who want a lie in, because it is above the kitchen and the noise travels up through the old wooden floors. It has a lovely view over the south courtyard and over the fields.

Orientale Suite

First floor facing the north courtyard. A double bedroom with its own  living room and own bathroom just outside. Decorated with the idea of 19th century explorers, so oriental, middle eastern paintings and colours.