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This is so french to me, and reminds me of my student days in Paris, wandering home in the early hours perhaps. It was in Dijon, and nothing famous, just caught my eye as I felt that I could be looking into the past.

Rochefort Artists Open Doors

This weekend, there were about 25 different artists studios and homes that you could visit and I saw almost all of them. This picture features the house of Camille Lescure.

The Daffodils are out!

The daffodils are out in the ‘Allee’, and they're gorgeous. They seem to come up differently every year and this year they're in overabundance. The forests are full of them too, so I pick my bunches there, leaving those in the ‘Allee’ for everyone to enjoy.

Cold Morning

Still cold, and the last two days, unlike in this photo which I took on Saturday, have been totally foggy. You really can’t see very far at all into the distance. As I look out of the window, I can see the birds enjoying the fatty seed balls, and I wonder where they sleep at hight.

Frohe Weinachten, Happy Christmas, Feliz Natal, Joyeux Noel and all that.

Tonights Chateau DIY had us preparing the house as a giant advent calendar.


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