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A night out

Last week, was the ‘Cigogne en Fete’, in Port des Barques.  Each year in this area, a different village is chosen, and for two days, it is lit up and decorated. People open up their garages and other spaces, and there are bands and theatrical shows that you can watch in walking by.

Repairing stone window frames

Over the years, as bits and pieces have dropped off this building, concrete has been used indiscriminately to fill in holes.  So during Jonos work in replacing and repairing shutters, he is also looking at the hinges and pins to hold them in.

Early mornings

Last week when it was so hot during the day time, I realised that I had been sleeping on the job, and I needed to urgently do the apple thinning in the orchard. This consists of finding the bunches of tiny apples, and knocking them off to leave only one for each grouping.

Dora, l’exploratrice

This is Dora. She was a very unusual chick, because of her ferocious courage. She was spotted chasing and devouring a whole mouse, when she was only a very small chick. Our gite visitors witnessed the event and told us incase she had problems..  She didn’t. But she didn’t grow much either.

Hot damn hot

Its been too hot for me to make sense of anything these last two days. I am usually a very keen brocanter, but I turned and left after just an hour this morning. Bought just four vintage champagne coupes, and then in my heat induced lethargy, managed to break one of them.

Day out in Poitiers

We had a day out in Poitiers, only one and half hours from Domaine De La Salle, and I highly recommend it as a lovely place to visit. It had beautiful churches to see, lovely old architecture, nice little cafes and museums. A 4th century baptistry which I just can’t get my head around.

The bathroom at the top of the house

The bathroom at the top of the house. I love this bathroom because its always light and airy, and you have the view to the back over the roof and fields on one side, and over the pigonnier tower to the other.


It has been so gorgeous in terms of the weather - seemingly everywhere! On Sunday, Jono and I downed tools, and headed out for a day on our own. A flea market in one village to start with, where I had bought a wrought iron bench within the first few minutes.


This is so french to me, and reminds me of my student days in Paris, wandering home in the early hours perhaps. It was in Dijon, and nothing famous, just caught my eye as I felt that I could be looking into the past.

Rochefort Artists Open Doors

This weekend, there were about 25 different artists studios and homes that you could visit and I saw almost all of them. This picture features the house of Camille Lescure.


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