Getting here :

Airports :

La Rochelle airport is 45 minutes by car. Flights mainly in summer but a few in winter. 
Bordeaux: This airport is the other side of bordeaux so it takes from 1.5 to 2 hours, depending on traffic. 
Poitiers: We have never tried this airport as it never seems to have the flights we want, but its about 1.5 hours away. 
Nantes: This is just over two hours away, but it does have some good flight connections. 

Train :

Rochefort train station is nearest at 20 minutes away, followed by Saintes at 30 mins away, and then La Rochelle is about 50 minutes away. We can arrange a taxi or you could get a car hire.

By car :

Google maps :  La Salle, 17620 champagne.
We are about 3 kms away from Champagne village, 7 kms from Pont L'Abbe D'Arnoult. Please note that satnavs insist on taking people 'the back route' which is not always great, especially when the flood plain is under 50cms of water !  So plot the satnav to the village of Champagne, maybe choose the mairie, and then reset it when you get there to reach us the easiest and nicest way.

By foot :

Well we are pretty much on the route de Compostelle..... and it is pretty eco friendly !