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Off the back of a lorry

I was highly amused this morning, when a lady came by to collect a bit of furniture I sold her. I had bought it at the beginning, but I am finding that as things come together, earlier emergency purchases are not so go, and I am ‘upgrading’.

Those dastardly ducks

Its been eventful again today…. These two here are our runner ducks. I was trying to take a photograph of them today and they escaped !!  And there was only me to try to get them back into their enclosure. Before you think how awful it is to have them enclosed, read on. 

The early bird catches the worm

The early bird catches the worm ! My brother used to use this expression when he had just finished being a gangly teenager and was rearing to go and make his fortune in the big wide world of business.

Yes that was a speed camera

Yes that was a speed camera you see there on the photo. and its been pushed off its base, almost into the trees.

Life, death and in between

These are just a part of our grape harvest !  It has been an amazing year for grapes, even if otherwise, we have not done so well, due to the heat, drought and hot winds. We seem to have jumped from a heatwave into a cold autumn.

Dora, L’exploratrice strikes again

That bloody chicken !  Dora and I are on the warpath. ( If you remember, dora l’exploratrice is what our neighbours call Dora, because of her fearless solitary explorings ). She has found a way to get into the south courtyard, and loves rooting around in my flowerbed.

The roof progresses and so does the season

We have been sitting outside for lunch and dinner, as the weather is warm. Around 27 degrees in the early afternoon, according to our guage. Restless winds rustling the poplars leaves, and deceive us into thinking its raining.

A new roof for the old porcherie

Finally the roofers have come to put a new roof over all of the old porcherie and the workshop. We have been waiting for two years ! The guys we are using are very good and they have a long waiting list, and then there was an issue of not being able to get the tiles.

The man whose family sold La Salle in 1939

Yesterday I was upstairs in the sewing atelier, tidying up before this weekends sewing retreat, and over my music, I heard someone shouting up. I looked out and saw a gentleman in a panama hat, the latter side of 80. He asked if Jonathan was in.  I said not, but that I would come down.

Flea markets and old photographs.

Summers are the time for flea markets, and anyone who knows me, knows that I have been scouring jumble sales and the like since I was 15 and was allowed out of boarding school to wander up to the village on my own.


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