Stepping back in time

When we first got here, we did a fair bit of driving around, discovering all the little villages whilst we collected furniture for La Salle.  One little village we drove through, called Saint Sornin, was rather sweet, and had a cafe that was just so ‘french in the old days’.  We looked but it was closed. Friends told us that it was still run by a very old man who only opened it when the fancy took him, mostly Wednesdays and Saturdays. And that it had not changed much since the 1940’s. We never managed to get there when it was open, and sadly discovered that the old man had died.  About a year ago, I saw that there was a facebook page for this cafe. And a few weeks ago, I saw that the cafe would be open that Saturday ! Hurray….  And so we went.  It was being opened by his grandson for the evening, and it had indeed not changed for a very very long time. I just loved it ! It reminded me a little of the cafe’s/ bars I used to go to in Paris, in the mid 1980’s. You could still find a cafe or two that was pretty unchanged and had the same style.   The young man was very charming, and told us that as soon as his parents retire, they intend to look at how to run the cafe. Perhaps start an ‘association’, where several people could join together to run it.  So  if you are in the area, please do look up the cafe bar JPD St Sornin 17. facebook page and join….     As we sat there, more and more of the village people came and sat at the tables outside. We had driven there in the MG TC, and the 2CV, so they were appreciated outside the cafe. The day had been hot, and there was a gold light settling over the village as the sun went down. A perfect summers evening. 


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