Hot damn hot

Its been too hot for me to make sense of anything these last two days. I am usually a very keen brocanter, but I turned and left after just an hour this morning. Bought just four vintage champagne coupes, and then in my heat induced lethargy, managed to break one of them. I think it was the next and last item that I bought that did it : called ‘douille’ in french, its the little metal holding clamps that you need for attaching old glass lamp shades to the electrical wire that holds it. They are difficult to get hold of, and these were proper brass ones for just 1.5 euros each. Great, I will choose 4. Except I must have let them drop into my special market trolley that I take to all my brocantes. So now three champagne coupes are really not nearly as good as four, But I have a large collection of another 20, so maybe it doesn’t matter.  I have now got to the point where there is really nothing that I need anymore, so I am going to have to open an online shop selling the lovely goodies, and hope that I have customers. Time to think about customs taxes, packaging and payment methods. Can I make them still worthwhile buying. The setting up shop is always an exciting concept. It seems to be primarily a woman's sort of passion, when I look around.  Like when you are little and you create a small shop. I always dreamt of setting up a lemonade stall, like the ones you see in american cartoon strips. Only I would be giving the stuff away free. I have always been like that, because I end up empathasizing with the customer too much. Feel sorry for them having to spend money. I need a mean person to actually run the shop and take the money. I just want to surround myself with beautiful objects, and practice the pursuit of them. 

My reason for going to this mornings brocante, was that I had promised to drop off two bags of brocante for a charity to sell. I had three picture frames that I think I will not use, lots of baking trays, some bowls, and a very furry pair of boots I have had for ten years and never worn. In this heat, the boots may not sell so fast. My services of sitting at the stand were not required as there were three other volunteers. Phew. 

Gainsbourg has been adopting his dubai pose again. The tiles are hot, and he is becoming very drowsy. He is even ignoring the neighbours dog, which is quite something. Apart from finally summoning up the courage to give him a swipe across the nuzzle from a higher position. Poor dog. 

As I drove back home again, I saw a single line of rain reach down to the ground from a cloud. It must have been about a hectare wide. I thought it was really close to our property and was hoping like anything that it will cross La Salle. As I started driving down the ‘Allee’, I had a smattering of rain drops, but not such luck for more. It must have passed over our neighbours. Drat.   Last night as we had a beautiful dinner under the stars with neighbours, we were exchanging banter about the best weather predicting site. The Norwegians apparently predicted 4 mms of rain at 21.19 pm.  Never trust a Norwegian weather reporter. 


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