Off the back of a lorry

I was highly amused this morning, when a lady came by to collect a bit of furniture I sold her. I had bought it at the beginning, but I am finding that as things come together, earlier emergency purchases are not so go, and I am ‘upgrading’.  It was a great big heavy thing, and she and her male friend stood around and watched us manhandle the thing out. I turned and said to them that whenever we buy a piece of furniture, its us who have to do the carrying.  They didn’t appear to get my drift. Anyway I wanted to get rid of it, and they did not appear quite so practical.  It had been standing around in the entrance hall which is not quite finished due to a problem with the plaster that we are waiting to have fixed. Like many things, it has been a year already that we are waiting.  I told her the story. She looked around and said it was a nice place. She then said that it could be quite a nice place when done up and decorated !!! Bloody cheek.  
I think its coming along nicely - hence my little picture of one of the dining room walls.  I know I still have some pictures to find for the gaps, but you can’t just go to an ikea and get what you want, when you are looking for 18 century pen and ink drawings, so I will have to wait. And there are more cushions coming for the ‘canape’, but I dont’ feel the pressure with everything else that is more pressing. 
In other amusing things, we have been delivered a lorry load of little stones that I think have ‘fallen off the back of a lorry’. A man who appears to work in some sort of public works place rocked up and poured them out for us, as he thinks we have done him a favour in giving him an old useless tractor.  He came, delivered, and disappeared again into the night. I only realised afterwards, that it may not have been entirely kosher, but he has gone now. Our lives were quite amusing at times in Dubai too, but I did not think it would continue that way in France.